Bad Diet Nowadays

Currently a variety of proposed legislation to help South Africa to eat right. Regulations and statutes range from control of foodstuffs for infants and the way in which the product is advertised and packaged, salt levels in certain foods and control of advertising plans and labeling of alcoholic beverages.

Efforts by the Ministry of Health for the control of various foodstuffs from the need to control sodium - impossible to address issues of high blood pressure and related diseases, which puts the burden on South Africa's health system - and the need for regulations relating to the manner in which food and baby products that are used to provide access to the baby with food that is marketed and advertised.

Reducing salt levels in food

Switch to control salt in the diet South Africa, this regulation was published as Regulations Related to Reducing Sodium in certain foodstuffs and Related Matters on July 11, 2012 and will take effect immediately.

Regulation salinity recipe to be included, by law, be a staple food, including, but not limited to, bread, butter, processed meats, snacks, and biscuits.

Department of Health in the Annual Report for 2011/2012 states that one of its main landing is to "[r] educe the average population intake of salt for sale intake to less than 5 grams per day in 2020." In addition, the Annual Report states that it is also the purpose of the directive and the Department of Health to "[r] educe relevant by 20% per capita alcohol consumption in the year 2020".

This is all with the aim that the Ministry of Health wishes to "[r] educe by at least 25% mortality relatively early [in under sixty years] of the [non-communicable diseases] by 2020".

Of course, one needs to understand the controls or control the sodium content in staple foods and the action taken by the Department of Health to reduce the availability of sodium in the diet of ordinary South Africa may very well praised. However, at the opposite end of the spectrum for the regulatory control of food and equipment used to administer food for babies.

Breastfeeding is best

Related regulations Foodstuffs for Infants and Young Children, which was published in 2012 finally in the State Gazette on December 6, 2012 35 941 attempted to control the availability of products such as bottles and pacifiers to the public in South Africa to deter the use of such goods for the purpose of food for infants and small children.

The underlying reason for this control is the view held by the Ministry of Health that breastfeeding is the method of infant feeding should be favored by the new mother.

Regulations go so far as banning promotional activities, advertising and statements on the Internet and other social media related regarding items such as bottles and pacifiers.

Even when one looks at the rules and the measures to be introduced by the regulation with respect to control items such as bottles and pacifiers, control is as powerful as it is imposed in connection with the advertising and sale of tobacco products.

Properties of rigid rules and regulations mean it can cause some people to argue that the environment created by the legislation is such that inhibit speech, the rights protected in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.